Odd Balls, Lunatics & Heretics

In order to meet the new and much higher demands of a more discerning global clientele, we need to embrace a very special group of people inside our organizations. The external conditions require us to develop truly talented people like never before, in order to help us create the products, services and experiences customers crave and will pay for. These are not the typical hard working, loyal employees of the past who, in exchange for a promise of job security and lifetime employment, were content to follow orders, comply with standard operating procedures and not complain about the physical and mental drudgery of their job. Instead, the people we need now are wired just a little differently. These are people who, by conventional standards and past definitions, are more than a little unusual. In fact, in the minds of some, they may even be odd balls, lunatics and heretics because they challenge convention and think in novel ways.