High jacking Creativity

We have known for some time now that cultures of fear, suppression, negativity and lack of originality produce low performing and slow witted brains. The brain essentially becomes disabled when we allow it to slow down. It begins to metaphorically shrink, and the neural pathways that carry information and make connections begin to harden. In the process, our creativity gets hijacked, and we find ourselves with no alternative other than to default to a fixed and seriously simplified mindset, where the ability to cope with change and complexity is dramatically impaired. In the process, we essentially allow ourselves to become hostages to those leaders who promote the continuation of the status quo. Permitting a hostage mentality to prevail simply cannot be a smart choice to make in times like this. We don’t need more hostages; we need more liberators with the courage to break free from the constraints of convention that will choke us if we allow them to.