Business Leader

Thinking About the Future

The conditions that surround us today, and which will almost certainly continue well into the foreseeable future, demand something radically different from us. We need to focus on altering the way we think about and view the situation, if we want better and different commercial outputs. Mind has replaced machine as the primary engine of economic success. Such a change in approach and philosophy begins by first defining the attributes, skills and motivations of the people we choose to help us frame the context, solve the problems and seize the opportunities our organizations face.

Call them whatever you want, change agents, catalysts, reformers, provocateurs or deviants, at the end of the day, final victory and ultimate success will be determined by those people who have a decidedly different mindset than we are used to. We need people around us who approach problems in a creatively different manner. While that may make us uncomfortable, it is better than making ourselves irrelevant.