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Caution or Courage?

Leadership has always been wrapped in the uncertainty that comes from exploring new domains, whether they be geographic, technological or social. The greater the uncertainty, the more we need leaders who are not paralyzed by potential risks but rather invigorated by hidden possibilities. The biggest risk we face as a nation is in allowing ourselves to be too cautious in an environment that demands courage. The benefits we reap will be directly proportional to the risks we take and the risks are small in relation to our potential.

Canada is caught in the throes of a serious dilemma about how best to shape our future and live up to our potential. At the end of the day, it will require us to abandon the model that has taken us this far and to adopt a new model better suited for the times. Admittedly it is a gamble, with risks attached to it, but the alternative is equally, if not more, unattractive. It too carries risk. The rigid fence that surrounds our mental model, and the invisible traps we have set for ourselves by the way we currently think and look at the world, have now become potentially debilitating constraints. As a result, they limit our ability to imagine new, better and more sustainable solutions. We need to find a way to encourage the rebels who display the characteristics and passion that can unleash the value locked in the unconventional thinking of unreasonable people.