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The Human Dynamic

The minute you bring any group of people together, let alone the hard charging, high achieving, super innovative types we all want in our organizations, you are bound to ignite tensions. The human dynamic provides for an endless number of psychological variables that even the very best leader can find challenging.

High-performance organizational effectiveness can inevitably end up twisted and distorted by underlying tensions that impact performance, harmony and survival. First, there are the cognitive tensions, which arise from inequities in the distribution of mental fire power and the resulting inability to reach shared, common understanding because of basic differences in the way people process information. Second, there are the emotional tensions, embedded deeply in the character, motives, intentions and fears of the various members of the team.

Ultimately, the emotional and behavioural foundation of an organization is what shapes the culture and is reflected in the habits, preferences, methods, approaches and styles of the people. Culture is a powerful force that can act for the good, but equally for the bad.