Leadership Challenges

5 Challenges for the Modern Leader: Sense Making and Sense Shaping

Welcome to the first post of my new campaign: 5 challenges for the modern leader. This week, I will propose 5 challenges facing modern leaders, and the respective competencies needed to face each challenge. If you like a specific post, please ‘like/favourite/share’ it. The post with the most amount of engagements will earn a follow up post outlining HOW TO DEVELOP COMPETENCIES RELATED TO THAT POST.

Challenge #1: Sense Making and Sense Shaping

The first first challenge for modern leaders is to learn sense making and sense shaping. If a leader understands how to make sense of the world, and can shape that sense in a new way, in a new opportunity, this leader is set for the future.

Think of how Steve Jobs and Apple made sense and shaped the opportunity in mp3 players and digital music — creating the Ipod and ITunes, changing the music industry forever.

The competencies that are needed for sense making and sense shaping are:

CQ- contextual intelligence. This entails situational understanding, or being able to understand the status quo, its opportunities and limitations.

SQ- strategic intelligence.  This entails weaving opportunity into a narrative, making it clear and understandable.

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