Challenges for the Modern Leader

5 Challenges for the Modern Leader: Understanding and Perspective

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Challenge #3: Understanding and Perspective

The third challenge many modern leaders is to gain holistic understanding of their organizations’ problems. Can they gain broad perspective of problem at hand? Here, focus must shift between a number of problem solving lenses, reducing myopic, and ultimately ineffective, problem solving. When various dots are connected to solve a problem, creativity and innovation often occur.

Moreover, modern leaders must help people in their organizations understand problems. Not only does this ensure a sense of camaraderie against an organization;s problems, it empowers people: by knowing the problems the organization faces, they may have the capacity to help SOLVE said problems.

The competencies needed for understanding and perspective are:

INQ: Innovation Intelligence. This not only entails having curiosity, drive, and ambition within one’s self, but having the capacity to provide the tools and knowledge for a team to have the same drive.

AQ: Ambiguity Intelligence: The ability to cope with uncertainty without freezing. The ability to remain calm without needing to lock everything down.

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