5 Challenges for the Modern Leader

Challenges for the Modern Leader #4: Winning Conditions

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Winning Conditions

The fourth challenge I present for modern leaders is to create winning conditions — create an environment where people thrive and can ‘win.’ As I’ve spoken about before, culture is of absolute importance to organizational success. Leaders must create an environment where people feel like they can speak up, like they can challenge the status quo, like they can creatively problem solve.

To create winning conditions, two competencies are imperative.

TQ – talent intelligence. The ability to spot talent, focusing more on potential than on performance, and judge fit within a company’s culture.

COQ- collaborative intelligence. The ability to foster outstanding collaboration. A type of collaboration where people help grow each other’s ideas — delicately balancing constructive criticism with positive energy.  The ability to know when to be a devils vs angels advocate during idea creation.

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