Insight, Intellect, and Practicality

The emphasis we have placed on the value of accumulated or stored knowledge we have worshiped in the past, is now a potentially dangerous source of false confidence. It is actually a rapidly depreciating asset, given the fact the half-life of anything new is shortening every day. To become a transformational leader and truly differentiate yourself, it has become increasingly important to work on your timely retrieval ability, rather than on your storage capacity. The more novel and different things you experience or have an interest in, the more likely your brain will be able to fill in the missing pieces and make the new connections that allow us to make sense out of apparent nonsense.

There are several new mindsets required for someone to thrive as a transformational business leader today. Regardless of the final destination we may choose for our organization, we know the starting point is the same. It all begins with the leader developing a rich and diversified experience repertoire from which new attitudes and new competencies can then flow. It is the complex combination of insight, intellect and practicality that together allow great leaders to not only have a superior radar system with which to detect signals, but also the ability to make rapid fire connections. It is based on their confidence, amplified by their adaptability and fuelled by their intellectual curiosity.