the importance of good followership

2015.01.26 the importance of good followership

Imagine an MBA program that recruits potential business students by touting the ability to teach them the skills they need to be good followers. It practically defies imagination, and yet followership is a critical component of any good leader’s success. In any given organization, followers far outnumber leaders, and indeed mastering the art of “good followership” is almost always an integral component of earning the respect you need to rise into a leadership position yourself. The qualities of honesty and courage, outlined in the article below (see link), brought to my mind the 1999 crash of Korean Air Cargo 8509. So intimidated was the first officer (follower) by the pilot (leader), that even while his own instruments clearly demonstrated a malfunction of the pilot’s instrument panel, he remained quiet rather than speaking up, and in turn the entire crew perished. In business, the consequences may not seem as dire. Not leading in a way that fosters good followership, however, or not following in a way that fosters team and organizational alignment, can hinder or even cripple an organization’s overall chances of success.

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