a whole new way of thinking

a whole new way of thinking

Can you feel it? We’re in transition.

For years, many of us in the business world have been talking about the profound shift in the nature of business that is inevitably due to happen. Well, it has finally arrived.

In economic terms, we are well into the so called fourth economy, which has also been dubbed the Experience Economy. At the turn of the century, we focused almost exclusively on the nature of the product or service, its features and benefits. Later, we began to shift our focus to how the product or service was delivered. Today, organizations are faced with what could be the most daunting task of all, focusing on the product AND how it is delivered.

The customer is no longer just demanding a top notch product.

They are no longer just seeking first class customer service.

They are demanding both. From you. Right now.

Not only is the whole notion of a new way of thinking and fostering creativity by focusing on the experience as well as the product or service an imperative for organizations as a whole – it significantly impacts individual employees as well.

Coupled with improvements in technology, computation power and a free-agency mindset, jobs that are based on brawn rather than brain are on the decline, upwards of 50% a year.

The implications of this are extreme. Smart workers and smart executives are going to be in greater demand and the skills and competencies they possess will be based less on their acquired knowledge than on a proven ability to connect, decide and innovate.

Organizations wishing to think ahead will want to think about how they recruit, retain and develop their talent pool based not on an assumed fixed target, but rather on a rapidly moving one.

The bottom line – shift your thinking now!