Top Navigate Publications

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Somehow, it seems to be that time of year already … back to school and back to business!
While you are ramping up, and tweaking your plans for the remaining months of 2015, allow us to be that little voice that constantly reminds you to step back and take stock. To help you do this, we have selected our three most popular Navigate publications (as determined by our readers), and have provided the links below.
In these issues, you will find important themes such as maintaining perspective and objectivity, anticipating predictable hurdles and keeping pace with rapidly accelerating and unfamiliar changes. If you have read these before, you may want a quick refresher. If you have not had the chance, now might be just the time to shake up your thinking.
Our three top Navigates are:
The Predictable Passages of Organizational Transformation – February 2015 read here
The Devastating Cost of Bias in Leadership – November 2013 read here
Blind Spots, Bias & Bravado – A Toxic Combination – September 2011 read here