4 Soft Skills You Need To Work On, And Why

2016.08.04_4 Soft Skills You Need To Work On, And Why
As Confucius once said “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

So often this is absolutely true. Take understanding what makes people successful in their jobs, for example. We write books on it, do research, publish articles. And it’s not to say these processes aren’t valuable, indeed they provide insight, and explore different conceptualizations. They change the way we think about organizational management, and how we lead and interact with others. We do learn.

Forbes, however, reminds us that interacting effectively with colleagues is actually quite a simple process, with a predictably simple outcome, that can lead to a more successful and positive work environment.

According to Forbes, focusing our self-improvement on this very short list of areas will make each of us more effective at our jobs and more successful leaders overall. Simple. Basic. Effective.

Nonverbal Communication
Dealing with Change
Saying Thank You

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