Why Strategy Execution Unravels and What to do About It


Above innovation, above geopolitical instability, and even more than top-line growth, global CEOs describe strategy execution as being their single most significant organizational concern. Common myths around the execution of organizational strategy, however, can actually work against your chances of achieving organizational strategic success.

The following HBR video identifies some important myths around strategy execution-myths that when adhered to can lead organizations to waste time and resources on the wrong issues, while overlooking the right ones. Organizations then find themselves fixated on enhancing and improving strategy execution, while their actions and organizational culture are, in fact, hindering it.

I have listed the 5 myths below, however, this video is a must watch for anyone wishing to better understand the context and pitfalls of common sense strategy myths in play at many organizations today.

Myth #1 – Execution Equals Alignment

Myth #2 – Execution Means Sticking to the Plan

Myth #3 – Communication Equals Understanding

Myth #4 – A Performance Culture Drives Execution

Myth #5 – Execution Should Be Driven from the Top

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