Support for growth and development matters!

It’s lonely at the top – and on the way to the top. Leaders struggle everyday to master their current role and the ongoing challenges as they move onward and upward.

Doug provides the personal guidance, support and tools to help leaders reach their full potential.

At the best of times, leadership is a challenging responsibility combining a complex blend of art, science and craft. The truth is, few people are born with the gifts of all three components in equal measure. Most of us need to work on it continually over our career. Quite often, as we transition from one role to another or as the external environment changes, we need help.

Doug has coached leaders, at all levels, from the C.E.O. right on down. No two coaching assignments are the same because each person and circumstance is different. The key to success in professional business coaching is ensuring the fit is right and the goals and objectives are clear. Coaching itself is not the answer but it’s certainly part of the growth, development and discovery process for those who are motivated to make the most of their potential.

Partner with Doug and you will get:

  • Unwavering support – focused on ensuring breakthrough results are achieved
  • Accountability – based on the genuine professional responsibilities of a “Trusted Advisor”
  • Concern – at the human level, for guiding another person to a new, and better place professionally