Objective, outside perspective matters!

In a rapidly changing world, no leader can possibly have all the answers all of the time. Sometimes, you need to reach outside to help refresh your thinking

Doug provides the insights and perspectives that can help you make sense out of the chaos.

Consultants can have a bad reputation – in line with lawyers, bankers and real estate agents. However, there are certain times and specific occasions when a leader, a leadership team or an organization can benefit from the unblemished perspective of someone from the outside. It’s not always about lending them your watch to tell you the time!

Doug has worked with organizations and leadership teams all around the world, across a wide variety of industries, during both good times and bad. He has helped organizations strengthen their culture, build their leadership bench strength and develop forward looking strategic plans. As a realist, Doug focuses his efforts on driving change where it really matters.

Partner with Doug and you will get:

  • Energy – behind the work at hand and a relentless drive to reach the objective
  • Courage – to tell it like it is and shape both the action and the dialogue in no nonsense ways
  • Commitment – to your business, its people and the challenges which make him a 24/7 business partner