Thoughts, ideas and dialogue matter!

The willingness to expose your organization and its people to the joys of fresh thinking, new ideas and vigorous debate are the hallmark of a strong leader.

Doug provides the spark to help ignite the imagination of your people and get them into the conversation.

Whether it is a Management Meeting, a Conference, an Executive Retreat or any other gathering, Doug combines his dynamic speaking style with the wisdom of over thirty years of global business experience. He will provide your audience with a high energy, thought provoking address that will leave them with powerful new insights about the global business frontier and the challenges it poses for leaders at all levels.

Doug would be delighted to tailor the presentation to the specific interests of your audience or draw from the many lessons contained in his book Straight Talk on Leadership. In either case, your audience will receive the benefit of someone who has been on the gritty front lines of business and inside the private world of the executive leadership suite.

Partner with Doug and you will get:

  • Passion – for new ways of thinking about the world of business
  • Straight talk – about the need for fresh thinking and new approaches
  • Practical – suggestions about what you can do to seize competitive advantage