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5 Challenges for the Modern Leader: Clarity and Credibility

This week, I am proposing 5 challenges facing modern leaders, and the respective competencies needed to face each challenge. If you like a specific post, please ‘like/favourite/share’ it. The post with the most amount of engagements will earn a follow up post outlining HOW TO DEVELOP COMPETENCIES RELATED TO THAT POST.

Clarity and Credibility

The second challenge modern leaders face is the ability to establish clarity and credibility. Are goals and intentions made clear? Do employees share their leaders’ vision. Has the leader established credibility?

And by credibility, I mean the implicit value attributed to the level of confidence the organization has in the leadership team’s ability. Specifically, it is the ability to navigate a chosen course to a safe and desirable destination, and the corresponding willingness of the members of the organization to fully invest themselves in making that journey.

The competencies needed for clarity and credibility are:

EQ- Emotional Intelligence. How you treat people; how you read and empathize with their emotions. This is HUGE.
DMQ- Decision Making Intelligence. The ability to frame and resolve wicked challenges.

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