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Knowledge Transfer Gone Wrong

Ask any CEO to describe, in detail, the knowledge transfer process within their organization. Ask them to explain the metrics they have in place to ensure that the process is effective and how those metrics have trended in recent years. Ask that same CEO who is responsible and accountable for the knowledge transfer process. Ask them what rate of return they are achieving on their human capital. Finally, ask them how much they invest every year in the knowledge transfer and development process, and how they determine whether or not they are receiving good value in return

Russian Roulette in Business

Despite all the frameworks, theories and elaborate models available to help guide and educate leaders about high-performance team effectiveness, leaders still seem to fall into one of two basic camps – those who believe they already have a highly effective senior team but who, in reality, do not, and those who know they have an ineffective senior team, but are afraid to do the hard work necessary to fix it. The former just don’t seem to be aware enough, or perhaps just don’t care to see the facts staring them in the face. They just carry on, not fully appreciating the cost of their own ignorance. Strangely, the latter group somehow find it easier to replace individual members of the team, in a wild game of Russian roulette, rather than fix the cracks in the fundamental foundation.