Doug Williamson

My passion is to help create a better future.

My mission is to help executives, and their organizations, prepare the next generation of transformational leaders and ensure they are capable of navigating the path to a new tomorrow.

I am the President & Chief Executive Officer of The Beacon Group and author of the book Straight Talk on Leadership – Solving Canada’s Business Crisis.

Throughout my thirty plus year international business career, I have been actively involved in initiating positive, transformational change inside many different organizations, of all sizes and across all industries. In the process, I have helped improve the overall performance and effectiveness of countless individual senior leaders and executive teams.

My experience, insight and expertise have been put to work, time and time again, in helping organizations navigate difficult situations, arising from structural change, cultural transformation, market disruptions and/or the need to develop new strategies and new competencies to support sustainable growth.

I have lived and/or worked in Europe, the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Australasia and Canada.

Here is what I bring to every business relationship I am fortunate enough to have.

Global Mindset

As a Trusted Advisor, I have worked with exciting organizations and demanding senior executives all around the world. I have been inside the board rooms and executive suites in places as diverse as Uppsala, Sweden and Melbourne, Australia. I have had unique and privileged exposure to organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies in the United States, to global giants in Europe and everywhere in between.

Strategic Orientation

As a Change Agent, I have been involved in the very hard and important work of helping transform organizations, build high performance teams, develop creative business strategies and rejuvenate cultures. I have faced the many challenges and overcome the many obstacles which can get in the way of securing organizational success and ensuring sustained relevance. I have the grey hair to prove it.

Insightful Experience

As a Business Leader, I have occupied several senior executive level positions in both the public and private sectors. I have run several unique businesses, from corporate finance to technology. I have begun and built companies. Along the way, I developed a varied and rich experience repertoire which allows me to provide counsel, sage advice and a unique perspective.

Thought Leadership

As a Creative Thinker, I have spent my entire life being curious about the world around me, taking personal risks to stretch my own abilities and travelling extensively to gain new ideas and insights. I have made it a regular habit to write and speak about things that make a difference. I have never hesitated to express bold opinions, even if they might run counter to popular belief or disrupt common perceptions.

We are a pragmatic, straight forward, results oriented team of business professionals who can help improve your organizational effectiveness.

Linda McKend

Linda McKend

Senior Vice-President & CFO

Linda is a graduate of both Waterloo University and of Queen’s University, where she obtained her MBA. She is responsible for all aspects of our financial relationship with clients. In addition, she contributes to the day-to-day management of the business and to the development of strategy.

Cathy Atkinson

Cathy Atkinson

Vice-President of Relationship Management

Cathy contributes broadly to many aspects of our business. Her role in building and maintaining relationships with our clients is accomplished through the provision of key services provided by The Beacon Group. She plays an integral role in the design and delivery of Leadership Development Workshops. Cathy holds a B. Sc. in Occupational Therapy from the University of Western Ontario.

Shannon Talarico

Shannon Talarico

Vice President of Organizational Assessment Solutions

Shannon’s responsibilities include overseeing the direct delivery of products and services within The Beacon Group’s assessment division, including advising on survey methodologies, design and implementation, as well as providing customized reporting of survey results to clients. Shannon has contributed to multiple white papers that have been featured in industry publications.

Shannon’s 15 years of experience in survey development and administration have allowed The Beacon Group to expand their assessment business from employee opinion surveys and 360 feedback, to a broad range of customizable survey offerings. Beacon Group surveys can be used to identify and assess succession planning candidates, analyze individual and team effectiveness, measure cultural health, and more.

Shannon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies from the University of Toronto.

Powin Low

Powin Low

Director of Information Technology

Powin oversees the company’s data systems, which include a robust Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), as well as an extensive library of professional services materials.

He is also charged with managing the co-ordination and execution of the company’s e-marketing efforts.

Over the past 25 years, I have been privileged to have been invited inside the boardrooms and executive suites of organizations of all sizes, in all industries, in almost every part of the world. Some of those organizations are listed below.

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