Harnessing Opportunity – Vol. 2

9 July 2020

There has been endless chatter about how we are living in a ‘new normal’, how the world will never be the same again from the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic and the current seismic push for racial and social equity, and all of that is true. However, recognizing the winds of change and understanding the forces driving that change are two different things.

We have to acknowledge that a generational change has happened and shift our attention to better comprehending that change. No opportunity can be fully realized if we do not take the time to educate and inform ourselves. I hope you find this week’s resources useful in increasing your understanding so that you can harness new opportunities and implement positive change.

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Innovation in a Crisis

We are living in a time of crisis, but also a moment of opportunity. However, being able to identify opportunity is not the same as being able to harness it. In this article, McKinsey & Co. walks us through how “Prioritizing innovation today is the key to unlocking postcrisis growth.”

Lessons From History

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” As many posit that we are in the midst of an unprecedented economic situation, it is important to reflect on economic failures of the past and understand what our current moment does and does not have in common

Remote Brainstorming

We are no longer working in the same room; however, the collective sharing of ideas has never been as important. These two facts seem at odds, yet as Harvard Business Review shows us in this article, if we embrace a new approach we can continue to encourage the free flow of ideas.

From Trauma to Growth

Crisis is a catalyst for change. Our current moment is rife with trauma; yet, such moments hold the potential for the phenomenon know as post-traumatic growth. If certain strategies are utilized, people, organizations and societies can all emerge stronger and more connected.

Shaping the Future

For years, Bill Gates has warned us about the potentially devastating effects of a global pandemic. Now in the midst of such a pandemic, instead of saying “I told you so”, he is working to help us understand the current implications and the obligation of those in positions of power.

Your Moment of Levity

For your moment of levity this week, we take a complete departure from the news and current global strife. Enjoy as comedian and Saturday Night Live alumni Fred Armisen takes us on a journey through the various accents of North America.


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