Managing Mental Models

13 September 2016

We are in a time of information overload and things are not going to slow down. Do you have a process that allows you to access the information you need, process it, build on it and, ultimately, put yourself in a position to make the best decisions possible?
It might be time for a quick read of an excellent summary on this issue just published in The Farnham Street Blog entitled “Creating a Latticework of Mental Models”. In a concise and easily digested format, this article presents the need for creating what they call a latticework of your mental models.
The latticework “puts them in a useable form to analyze a wide variety of situations and enables you to make better decisions.” It points out we all need to have multiple mental models to ensure we don’t narrow the field to early and twist our arguments to fit our biases.
I hope you might find a few minutes to look it over.
To read the full article, you can go to Read More Here

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