Find Your True Voice as a Leader

12 February 2019

Do you feel your communication style resonates well with all the different people you interact with on a daily basis? Do your messages land the way you intended them to?
To be effective as a leader, you have to react appropriately in a variety of situations, and you have to connect with a variety of people inside and outside your organization. One of the many tools you use for this is your leadership voice, and Harvard Business Review has recently published an article which you might find helpful, it is entitled You Don’t Just Need One Leadership Voice – You Need Many.
Over time, and possibly without really being conscious of it, you will have worked on developing your leadership voice. As pointed out in the article, though, this might leave you feeling as though you are living with imposter’s syndrome or exhausting yourself by wearing a game face all day.
To help you be more genuine is this endeavour, and ultimately more successful, the author defines the different types of leadership voices you can cultivate:

  • Your voice of character – the fundamental principles voice.
  • Your voice of context – the big picture voice.
  • Your voice of clarity – the focussed voice.
  • Your voice of curiosity – the asking good questions voice.
  • Your voice of connection – the storyteller voice.

Discovering and developing your voice as a leader is work you will do over your entire career – and there is no time better than right now to get started.
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