25 July 2016

At The Beacon Group we love talking about grit.
We talk about grit during internal meetings, it becomes the context of regular discussions about lifting ourselves to new heights professionally through passion and perseverance. We talk about grit with clients, and how important it is for leaders to foster a gritty organization. And we talk about grit with the individuals we develop and inspire to new leadership heights, through enhancing their understanding of what it takes to be truly successful. At The Beacon Group, gritty is definitely where it’s at.
But why do we love the concept of grit so much?
We love grit because it removes the excuses individuals make, such as – if they aren’t naturally talented, then they’ll never achieve what that naturally talented person did, so why bother? Yes talent matters, but too often people attribute the success of others to raw talent and, in doing so, provide themselves an excuse for not reaching their own full potential. They limit themselves because they write off the impact of grit.
We also love grit because it expands the success potential for regular people. If we aren’t limited by natural talent, then you or I, or she or he, can all reach a greater potential than we may otherwise have thought possible. Developing and utilizing the principles of grit can get us there.
Angela Duckworth is the University of Pennsylvania psychologist most associated with the development of the concept of grit. Her new book “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” just came out in May, and I encourage you to both read the interview with Duckworth linked below, as well as the book itself, which can be picked up or ordered from a bookstore or library near you.
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