Taking the Art of Persuasion to a Higher Level

Taking the Art of Persuasion to a Higher Level

How often would you say you reflect on your effectiveness as a leader or salesperson or boss? When you do, do you find yourself feeling you could achieve much more if you could just reach people at a deeper level?

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The Seeds of Innovation

The Seeds of Innovation

When it comes to innovation, unfortunately, many organizations are still acting like primitive farmers, randomly scattering seeds, hoping for anything.

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Beware the Myths About Strategy

Beware the Myths About Strategy

Is it possible … there are things you don’t even know you don’t know about setting strategy? Without even realizing it, have you succumbed

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Doug Williamson - Social Trust

Social Trust

May 7, 2020

Talent, Loyalty & The Future

February 19, 2020

Igniting Champions

February 19, 2020

Uncovering Hidden Talent

January 22, 2020

Development of the Fittest

January 22, 2020

A Whole New Way of Thinking

December 16, 2019

The Art of Strategic Thinking

December 16, 2019

Leading the Clevers

November 20, 2019


Organizational Transformation


Leaders vs Managers

Leaps vs Incrementalism

Fierce Resolve and Inferiority

Navigating Direction: Mastering Pivot Points

Insight and Perspective

The Invaluable Role of Deviants

Passion For Competition Lecture

Short-Changing the Future

Leader as Chief Disorganizer

Leadership Development


Leaders vs Managers

Leaders as Explorers

The Value of an Experience Repertoire

Intelligent Risk Taking

Odd Balls, Lunatics & Heretics

Barriers to High Performance

Leadership as Discovery

Leaders Paint, Managers Prove

People As Renewable Resources

The business community needs a good “kick in the ass” and this book is designed to do just that. It offers practical suggestions and a broadly based plan to help business leaders come to grips with the fact that the leaders we need for the future must be transformational and equipped with a much different set of competencies as well as a thirst for competition on the world stage.

Business leaders and politicians have notoriously short and convenient memories. Each time we hit a predictable cyclical economic downturn, we endlessly debate the reasons, are quick to point the finger of blame and then conveniently use the excuse of external market forces as a means to justify our short-sighted overreaction. This recurring pattern of behaviour does no more than reveal the inherent weaknesses in our leadership acumen, and yet we allow the pattern to continue rather than learn, adjust and compensate accordingly.

We need to find the courage and conviction to transform our economy, through the restructuring of our historical business models and the rapid development of a new generation of leaders equipped to compete with a modern set of leadership competencies. These competencies of the future, and the mindset of global competitiveness, will allow us to remain relevant in the long term, rather than sheltered behind the short-sighted naiveté and complacency which have lured us into believing we are doing better than we really are.

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