Strategy and Leadership – A Union that Matters

28 October 2016

Does inspired strategy or masterful leadership contribute more to your organization’s success? In the business context, this could be a debate as fundamental as nature versus nurture. Do you have a view?
I have just read an article on Wharton’s online site, knowledge@wharton, that I think is a real goldmine. It is entitled “Management 101: The Marriage of Strategy and Leadership” and is actually an interview with two Wharton professors, Harbir Singh and Mike Useem. After many years of teaching, Singh and Useem have determined that the best leaders must excel in both leadership and strategy, and that is the basis of their book “The Strategic Leaders’ Road Map: Six Steps for Integrating Leadership and Strategy”.
With numerous examples, such as P&G’s acquisition of Gillette and the Renault Nissan Alliance, the authors make their case for the equal importance of strategy and leadership. They also illuminate the downfalls of allowing your organization to emphasize one over the other.
I really think this is a must read, and know you will find it thought provoking if you can put aside a few minutes to take it in.
To read the full interview (or watch the video), you can go to Read More Here

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