Are You a Giver or a Taker?

29 March 2017

I simply love this TED Talk by Adam Grant on “givers”, “takers”, and “matchers” in the workplace.
While I usually recommend readings on my Blog, the reality is that in my leadership development and organizational strategy sessions with clients, I almost always screen videos; they break up the day, and the visual media component resonates with people on an entirely different level.
Besides being a great storyteller, Adam Grant has a very intriguing message to convey regarding the various roles people assume in organizations, and the implications of those roles on both individual and collective organizational performance.
One of the big take aways for me personally, was Grant’s suggestion that getting positive influencers into your organization is not enough on its own, but that making sure negative influencers don’t get in truly is the key. No amount of good can undo bad!
Definitely a useful 13 minutes of your time.
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