To Measure, or Not To Measure? That is the Question

5 February 2016

Type employee engagement, employee satisfaction, or employee survey into the Google search engine, and the results run into the double digit millions, almost 10 million for employee satisfaction alone. This is for good reason, and it should be no surprise that these topics are of critical interest to leaders and organizations of all sizes and industries. It doesn’t require extensive research (although that research has been done) to speculate that unhappy workers will underperform in almost all imaginable cases. The most fascinating part of the employee engagement predicament therefore, is in its common sense simplicity. Regardless of the job, level, industry or geography, satisfied employees are more engaged, and engaged employees invest and commit more of their physical and mental selves into daily tasks and interactions.
Employees put more in, and as a result organizations get more out. Plain and simple.
Addressing the importance of employee surveys requires acknowledging that measuring satisfaction and engagement is not simply a benevolent practice designed to ensure that employees are happy at work. It is about understanding that having satisfied employee’s matters, not just to their own well-being but to your organization’s success. It’s about really believing that employee engagement is positively associated with better customer service and satisfaction, productivity, revenue growth, lower employee turnover and reduced organizational safety risks. It’s about fully accepting that in today’s high performance world, it is more important than ever for organizations to regularly gather detailed, data-driven insight into the effectiveness of their business, human resource and operating practices in order to identify gaps, focus efforts and improve their ability to act on emerging trends.
At The Beacon Group we work with our clients to develop employee survey processes that are fully customized to reflect their organization’s values, culture and business needs. Our expertise in designing the right questions to address the most critical areas, has been used by organizations of all sizes and across all industries. Our proven survey processes and web-based technology help ensure not only record levels of employee participation, but help you attain a deep and insightful view of the organization’s climate, its strengths and vulnerabilities. If you would like to know more about The Beacon Group’s process and philosophy around employee surveys please contact us and we’d be happy to talk or meet with you, or visit our website to learn more:
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