Building Blocks of Transformation

20 June 2019

Have you noticed the level of uncertainty in the market seems to be increasing? Are you finding more and more reasons to be nervous about the future? Do you question whether or not your organization is ready to meet the challenge?
Over the past six months, we have seen more and more senior leaders begin to seriously question the path their organization is on. It seems as though they have begun to recognize that without major, transformational change, their organization may not be able to seize the emerging opportunities which shifts in the market provide.
Just like you, they have four choices.

  • Ignore the need for change
  • Hunker down and hope for the best
  • Cut back on all costs to conserve cash
  • Lean in and drive change deep

The article below from Strategy + Business, entitled The Four Building Blocks of Transformation, speaks to option number four, and the way in which successful transformation can be navigated. Rightfully, they call out just how important driving cultural change is to the success of any change process. In our experience, too many leaders are afraid to address the cultural aspects of change. They try to find a soft, gentle middle path where they don’t have to make the hard calls and difficult choices, and deal head on with the toughest part of the change equation – the people and their mindsets, attitudes and beliefs.
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