Embracing New Mindsets

3 September 2020

The disruptive power of the COVID-19 pandemic has been truly unprecedented in many ways. While it has no doubt presented us with many challenges and newfound sadness and even despair; it has also presented us with an opportunity to re-imagine the world in which we live. However, we are creatures of habit and often do not openly embrace change.

That is why we all need to make a conscious effort to look at the world through a new lens, embrace new mindsets. We have an opportunity to re-imagine all facets of our lives: business structures, macro-economic assumptions, teamwork models, and even our own personal identities. But these changes can only be enacted if we open ourselves up to new ideas. I hope this week’s resources provide you with a push in the right direction to opening your mind. 

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Agile Budgeting

At the best of times, planning and budgeting can be a fraught process. With newfound mass uncertainty, all projections, templates and forecasts are out the window. Fortunately, Harvard Business Review has put together 3 steps to make your organizations budgeting more agile.

Creative Permission

Our culture and society do everything in their power to place us into boxes, and often we oblige. But there is a great power in defying the labels and restrictions that we put on ourselves. In this TED Talk, actor Ethan Hawke explores the power of creativity and giving ourselves permission to be creative.

Overcoming Trauma

The past six months has been a very traumatic time in a multitude of ways. While the negative impacts of trauma are certainly worth understanding, so is the potential for positive change that can come from facing struggle and adversity. Harvard Business Review has put together an exercise to conduct with your team to collectively overcome the traumas of our current time.

Doing vs. Being

Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, a shift was underway to build more agile organizations and the recent months have only accelerated that change. McKinsey & Co has put together a collection of four ‘real-world’ lessons that demystify and provide insight on how to achieve organizational agility.

Rewriting Economics

Traditional economic models have prioritized growth above all else as the metric of success; however, the global pandemic has exposed the cracks and shortcomings in that interpretation of progress. On this episode of the Freakanomics Podcast, Oxford University Economist Kate Raworth explores a new framework for prosperity that re-imagines what we value most.

Your Moment of Levity

Picture yourself on the edge of a platform, 10-metres off the ground, looking down at the water below. Would you jump? Could you? Watch as people are faced with that decision in this captivating video from the New York Times. See in real-time how people face fear, it may just re-frame your pre-existing notions of bravery and resilience.

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