Speed – A Critical Competency

11 November 2016

Speed is the ultimate weapon in business. It is the defining characteristic that separates the truly few who are competitive from the much larger mass of the bland and mediocre. Do you believe this? Do you believe speed in decision making and speed in execution are vital? Is speed a key component of your organizational DNA? What are you doing to increase the speed and metabolism of your organization?
Things are happening faster and faster all the time. That’s not going to change. Speed and agility are the twins you need on your side in order to succeed. Dave Girouard, CEO of Upstart, and former President of Google Enterprise Apps, has it right when he says, “All else being equal, the fastest company in any market will win. Speed is a defining characteristic – if not the defining characteristic – of the leader in virtually every industry you look at”.
In his article entitled “Speed as a Habit”, Girouard shares what he calls the building blocks of speed. He then goes on to present his views on developing speed as an organizational habit, making it part of your culture and leadership brand. In our view, Girouard is right on the mark, but it certainly challenges much of what we have been led to believe. As a result, it requires leaders to consider how they may need to change their habits in light of a changing world and an increasingly hypercompetitive landscape.
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But … don’t put it off till tomorrow. Speed matters.

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